Digital/Online marketing is the way of the future.

Digital Marketing Online Marketing Workshops

And can certainly help you in the tough tourism industry as the majority of your potential guests are looking online for the best accommodation and tours. Marketing in 2011 has changed drastically since the dawn of the digital age.

Thanks to innovative platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and MailChimp, you can now market your business to specific target groups. Digital/Online marketing is clean, eco-friendly, efficient and has that target-specific gem which your business requires to grow into a new target sphere or retain your current clients.

It is also more accessible to a society which relies more and more on quick, relavent doses of communication. As we embrace the digital age, we must consider the reduced attention spans of our potential clients; a busy lifestyle = less time to absorb information, therefore your brand needs to make that first impression without compromise. We will be running a series of workshops, taking you (and your brand) through the step-by-step process of Online Marketing. The focus will be on three key platforms: Twitter, Facebook and MailChimp (an eNewsletter system for mass emailing).

To make sure you use the platforms to the best advantage, we will go through ways to efficiently write for web to ensure your message gets across in limited characters and also increase Search Engine Optomisation (Google status).

In addition, we will be adding Wufoo (Web Forms) and LinkedIn workshops to our offerings. Sign up and we will keep you posted on upcoming dates.

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