How do you deal with SPAM?

Dealing with Spam Emails Dealing with SPAM

This is one thing I found fascinating and frustrating. There is a fine line in creating brand awareness and spam. Where is this line? Where are you suppose to draw it? And why should you care?

Firstly, spam can be any information that is irrelevant or pestering. It is not only those forwarding emails that say you will loose your hair or your soul mate if you don’t pass it along. It is especially not only the so-called ‘jokes’ passed around the BBM-o-sphere thanks to the worst innovation EVER, the broadcast message.

How to prevent it?
Simply don’t overcrowd or smoother your potential client. You don’t want to be positioned as the naggy one in the relationship. Clingy doesn’t get you anywhere.

Keep it casual but not so distant that you are forgotten.

Don’t share content with is relevant or rather not useful to your receiver. (Share content that they need to know)

How to tell someone to stop spamming you? (Politely)

Tell them that the content is irrevalent and you ‘did not sign up for this…’

Be assertive and perhaps a tad suggestive of what you expect from their brand. (You would want this info in turn to inform your online marketing)

If all else fails, I use a ‘three strikes and you out’ rule. This mainly implies to my BBM contacts. I must say, that my Blackberry’s evil red eye doesn’t flicker as much. Utopia.

Happy non-spamming!

Dealing with SPAM

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