Design Trends 2012 Design trends for 2012

Keep it clean:

Think modernism.
Designs are once again getting lighter, cleaner and mesmerizing. There is no longer an in between aka middle class of design. It is either light or extremely heavy with cool elements. Less is more and more is more. Either way it is a win. Expect BOLDNESS. The main colour trends for this year are rich and deep hues and modern neutrals.

Be social:

Social Media is definitely growing at a much rapid rate this in the business world. More and more brands are jumping onto opportunities or rather gateways to their consumers with platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.
Your marketing material needs to show how social is your company. Why? Because people like to know that your brand cares about their needs.
This goes the same for websites…is your website social-friendly? Does it have Share icons and areas to comment/receive feedback.

The use of QR codes:

Tech-savvy call to action and an important tool in inbound marketing. Attract the smartphone clientele and wow them with your savvyness.
Other trends:
Desperate need to make your website smartphone-friendly, tablet-friendly and user-friendly due to the mobile generation. This will and has influenced design over the next year.
HTML 5 is in full swing. Which means, quick animations. And the deaths of Flash entirely. Main reason: takes too long to download and not Apple-friendly.

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