The Young Entrepreneurship Programme

Hello friends, fans and valued-clients

I am currently somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean, en route to San Fransisco Reno, Nevada from our first stop, Frankfurt.

I have been selected as part of the Young Entrepreneurship Programme. The purpose of this trip to Sierra Nevada College is to better our current business model through seminar’s, a fruitful internship with intensive business consulting.

The commute is going quite well. Team Freedom Aka the Yepers that came together from Cape Town; Abigail, Nathan, Mildred and myself are having an awesome time chatting about nerdy entrepreneur-stuff. Can you really expect anything more?

When this blog post eventually posts, we will be on the west coast of the USA. Enjoying 5 hours of free-time in San Fransisco whilst waiting for our connecting flight to Reno.

Until then.


P.s. Endor Media work will go on as usual. Staff support available, I am just an email or skype call away.

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