Sierra Nevada College Exciting meetings. #YEP3


I had the most productive last two weeks. Equal weighing on play and work.

Last week I met with Bob Preger (co-founder of Oracle) who introduced me to Sen. Omer Rains (founder of READ global). Besides the strong tech influence in my business model, Omer has inspired a new thought or rather approach to doing business in rural areas. He goes to rural areas around the world (currently Asia) and sets up libraries.

John and I were brainstorming in conversation-mode and came up with a name for the colleges, Black Diamonds’ IT Learning.

And that’s when EVERYTHING clicked into place. The vision of why I’m doing this became apparent in the bigger spectrum of things. I want to help discover and shine these diamonds in the rough.

Another exciting meeting was with Richard Rubasem (former CFO of Sierra Nevada College) who is helping me with my achilles heel, the business plan pro forma.

San Francisco Exciting meetings. #YEP3

Okay, and now for the “play” part…

We went to San Francisco. Did all the typical tourist stuff: Union Sq, Golden Gate, SpeakEasy, Ghiradelli ice cream, ate a WHOLE crab at Fisherman’s Wharf and found an iPod Classic in a taxi.

All in 48 hours.

This weekend that pass, we went to Reno for a casino night. I still have no idea how I spent 12 hours there. Casinos are my least favourite place, but the company was good 🙂

This coming weekend, we planning to go to Las Vegas.

There is no time to move at a slower pace.

Ps In and Out Burger is the best!

Until the next one…


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