Afsana Khan – Endor Media & Events (Founder/Brand Therapist)


Afsana-ProfilePic Hire me to speak about Social Media Marketing at your next business networkAfsana holds a B.A in Film and Media Production from UCT. She has been working for a number of years in advertising, adopting various skills in web and graphic design, online marketing, artist and event management.

She currently heads Endor Media & Events as well as lecture senior production students at UCT and 2ko International.

Her passion for all things digital stems from the ideal of a paper-free world. Although business cards and postits will always be a necessity, she encourages businesses and green-minded people to tweet, IM and post to communicate their brand.

Afsana will be joining us as a ten minute speaker to discuss why brands and businesses should get onto Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms in order to increase their consumer reach.

 Inbound Marketing: eMarketing with Social Media

An introduction on how to use Social Media efficiently to market your brand (personal or professional).

Key focus areas: Build>Engage>Amplify

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