“This official shop of God Father Four offers the greatest GodFather gifts in the world!”


UPDATE: The store is now trading as Godfather Baptism Gifts (https://godfatherbaptismgifts.com/).

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 10.35.53 AM The Godfather Four – “I’m gonna make him a website, he won’t refuse,”

The Godfather Four is a parody of the Godfather which shows a series of videos from John Mascaraish aka The New York Don. He addresses important topics such as family, power, politics and guides to survive in this radically changing world all in true Godfather style.

The aim of the site was to design a place to archive and showcase the video series and promote the Godfather Shop merchandise. The main objective is to drive traffic to the Godfather store and advertise its products. The Godfather Shop’s products range from t-shirts, mugs, iPhone covers to laptop covers and personalized Godparent Baptism gifts. There are also a range of gifts for family lawyers, advisors and doctor titled “The Consigliere” – a famous term from the Godfather.

The look and feel of the site is inspired by the epic American crime film genre that is the Godfather, and has the grungy mafia chic design in the background. The bright red ‘G’ logo – provided to us – fits in perfectly with the crime feel and adds a personalised touch from the client’s side. The adverts and title header are all designed by us.

The site has links to the Godfather Four’s Facebook page and YouTube account where his various other advice videos and merchandise marketing can be found. We are also in charge of marketing the Facebook page so visit it to see what’s potting!

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