By creating effective call-to-action in your internet marketing you can drive your business to get every potential client clicking on your page! Telling people what to do seems easy enough. If someone is sick tell them “Go to Doctor Swindon”! If someone’s hungry you tell them “Go eat a burger!” This becomes a lot more complicated when the person receiving the command gets orders from over a billion other sources. This may be the problem your site is experiencing.

Call to Action How Calls-To-Action can help your business site

Your site must fight for attention because so many online users are spoilt for choice and so easily drift from site to site. 10 000 Users may enter your site while another 1000 flit on through to the latest video of a cat running into a sliding door on YouTube. Web browsers are fickle. Calls-to-action are there to grab people’s attention and direct it to their site’s motives.

A call-to-action (CTA) can be a picture, button or hyperlinked text that advertises something that will direct the user to a landing page, which is the ultimate goal. Once directed here the users contact information can be collected in return for an incentive.

CTA Mistakes:

A huge problem of CTAs is that it takes the user to an incorrect landing page. The CTAs and landing pages must work well together and have a follow through of information.

Sign Up now to receive a free gift! Landing page should then take the user through the process of signing up and obtaining the promised offer.

This CTA is outdated and nonsensical. Users need motivation to contact you.

Business Owner: Contact Us!

Potential Client: Why?

Business Owner: Because we made a big shiny CTA button that says so!

A potential client should never have to ask why they bother to pay any attention to your site. Be precise and offer something the client wants.

Click here is as vague as ‘contact us’ and as archaic. Spam filters might flag ‘Click Here’ as spamming because the wording is used by so many pop-ups and spam schemes.

The flashing colour and animated CTAs can be annoying and may also come across as spam.

Remember its important to give the consumer an incentive to click any button on your page. If the user is asking why they bother to pay attention – you’re not using calls-to-action effectively.

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