Many have referred mockingly to social networking as social “notworking” but there are great employment benefits to be gained from looking online. Firstly the word networking explains it all – you can connect with likeminded people from all over the world and forge relationships that may advance your career once they are realised offline. There are many other reasons why the web can simplify your job search.

How social networks can get you hired!

The first validated platform for this that comes to mind is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a professional network, where you can communicate with industry experts and upload a profile of yourself for potential employers. Endor Media & Events can get you clued up on everything about LinkedIn with their workshops. A whitepaper on 2011 Recruiting Trends and Strategies released on stated that 73.3% of companies find employees via social media and LinkedIn was the first go-to site.

How social networks can get you hired!

Job listings in the newspaper are too few. There are many directories online that, if searched, can lead you to very specific sorts of jobs suited to you. is a great resource for industry news and job searches.

Online Portfolios and Digital CVs

Web designers, graphic designers and photographers are doing it already and so many more should. Online portfolios are a great way to show off any visual, audio, creative or written work you may have. When putting together a portfolio how wonderful would it be to add a URL link to a beautifully displayed digital CV? You don’t have to set up an actual site, but a free blog could serve well as one too.

Why are employers using the web?

All of a sudden social media does not seem as trivial as first perceived. It’s great to know that networking sites are being utilized in various facets of social exchange…a real game changer. However with the pro’s come the cons and keeping a tight ship on your social media accounts can mean keeping your job too.
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