Google The importance of Google page rankings

Google is the dominant search engine on the web today.

‘Nuff said.


People opt for Google, because they are confident that the results they find will be from the best sites online. How can they be so sure? How did Google build this fortress of trust that lead to 3 million searches per day and growing? The answer is – page rankings.

El numero uno!

That first-page ranking is crucial! How many times have you chosen the first three pages of a search result to skim over and if the information reveals itself to be useless, attempt to search using different keywords? I know I have. Statistics show that 68% of Google searchers don’t past the first page of results and a staggering 98% don’t bother to go past the third. It is very important for your business to get as high up on the ranking as you can to increase your online traffic.

How does ranking work?

There are many factors involve when Google ranks a page. Firstly when someone searches for a word, title, name, phrase or sentence Google churns out results based on relation to the keywords searched for. If I type in ‘dead man walking’ a movie review from Internet Movie Database – IMDb – is the very first result. Why is this so?

The most used, most visited and consequently most trusted sites such as IMDb, in this case, will grace the first page results. There is also a lot of background work that can get your business up in ranking called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

 What is SEO?

SEO is an internet marketing strategy which involves optimizing your website by editing its content as well as its coding, the HyperText Markup Language ( simply put, HTML is the language websites speak). Editing HTML includes keyword information, title tags and metadata. For lack of getting too technical, I shall refrain from explaining. SEO understands how search engines work, which search engines are most popular, what people search for the most, what type of people search for what type of things and it responds proactively. The more links there are to your site always increase your page rankings and there is SEO method to increase these links.

 The importance of Google page rankings

Where to from here?

In the race for the first place don’t be caught flailing behind. Make sure your business website tops Google rankings and learn more about maximising visibility. Unfortunately, it’s not for everyone and many companies resort to hiring SEO’s – Search Engine Optimizers – who act as consultants and perform all your SEO needs.

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