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Everyone likes Pie

Social Media has been attracting tremendous attention globally and its feats are remarkable. It has connected millions, captured audiences of the high statured business people and tech savvy teenagers and some believe has it has sparked revolutions and overthrown regimes. If Facebook were a pie, you would be missing out if you had not taken a piece.

What’s the hype?

Facebook has 901 million monthly active users and 526 million daily active users. That is as big as your clientele base is going to get. 80% of Businesses have discovered the benefits of Facebook and are utilising this tool. About 167 million people shop online and 20% purchase goods or services within a social media site. 60% of people who buy products via Facebook are willing to post about services and products if they receive a deal or discount. Facebook users spend an average of 20 minutes per visit on Facebook – how much time do potential clients spend on your company website? I could drone on and on about statistics, but you are probably wondering where you fit in, right?

How does this help me?

The benefits of Facebook are countless and the possibilities are endless. A Facebook page allows your business to reach further than costly print and television adverts. Facebook allows you to:

 Engage with the consumer

Get people looking at your website

Mobile is better

Free advertising

Why not have slices of the pie?

As you have read above, the deal can only get sweeter. Facebook’s mission is, “To make the world more open and connected” and it has done this and more.  Why not make your business open and connected? 90% of marketers are using social media as a business tool to get connected. There are already 42 million Facebook pages with 10 or more likes up and running…can you afford to be left behind?

We can help

You should utilize this tool and let us help you set up a Facebook page to take your business marketing to a new level.

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