Google is the most popular website in the world.

If Google can not find you, no-one can. We can help develop a solid SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) plan for your business.

Search Engine Optimisation. It allows search algorithms (mainly by Google) to find and index your website. It is indexed by relativity of content in relation to the search. There are many wants to assist this process, for example:

Write content which contains “keywords”; or, include meta data in the whole website as well as per page.

What are keywords and meta data?

Keywords are words you would search to find a website.
Meta data is best illustrated with the below:

SEO explained What is SEO?

Title is takes the highest rank in search importance and relevance.

The meta description is excellent for your potential visitors/customers to receive an overview of what your company is about.

If you need further SEO help. Feel free to contact us.

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