Dove Real Beauty Campaign The Real Beauty of Brand Continuity

In 2004, Dove launched a campaign in North America called the Campaign for Real Beauty. It was a combination of print and tv ads, events, workshops and even sleep overs (learn more about the campaign’s beginnings). Based on incredible business impact, it was rolled out globally. But that was a decade ago…

So… why are we talking about it here and now?

Well, first lets put 2004 in perspective. Facebook was founded in the same year, and YouTube two years later. The campaign predates the social media revolution. And yet…

Essentially, we’re talking about this campaign (just after its 10th anniversary), it’s evolution and it’s continuity from a pre-social-media campaign to a social (and offline) media juggernaut because its ability to generate conversations, build a brand and drive positive business results globally is nothing less than incredible. It has been controversial from the start, but it’s an unparalleled example of “conversation-based marketing”, and continuity as a path to success.

You can see some additional highlights from the campaign here.

And it isn’t slowing down. There are new evolutions of the campaign launching now, and the brand has adopted the Real Beauty message as its core message, with extensions into charity and social issues.

Do you see the beauty in this real beauty campaign? Know of any other campaign that’s achieved similar results? Let us know.

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