Your companies logo is a vital element within your marketing inventory. Having a well thought out logo can deferentiate you from your competitors and subsequently provide you with more business.  So what makes a logo effective?

1. Simplicity

Your logo should be simple. A logo that is simple is easier to understand and remember. Having a simple logo means that your brand has a higher chance of remaining in the memory of your consumer.

5 keys features of an effective logo

2. Memorable

Following on from having a simple logo, your logo should be memorable. It is all well and good having a simple logo but, if it does not appeal to the viewer than the chances of it being memorable will drop off. Creating a simple, beautiful logo that conveys your brand is a great way of making your logo memorable.

5 keys features of an effective logo

3. Timeless

Your logo should talk to your brands identity and not to the trends of the day. This means that your logo should still be relevant in 20 years time. Creating a timeless logo will save you money and help maintain your brand identity.

5 keys features of an effective logo


4. Versatility

You should be able to use your logo in different circumstances. This means that you will need to create different versions of your logo. You might need a black and white letterhead logo, a full colour website logo, and a billboard sized logo. This is an important consideration when creating a logo.

5 keys features of an effective logo

5. Appropriateness

Your logo should talk directly to the people you want to attract to your business. This means that if you are trying to attract business men you might try to portray a sense of prestige and success. Having a logo that represent your brand and its consumers is a powerful way to attract these consumers.

5 keys features of an effective logo


Your logo is a powerful tool for your business and with the correct strategy and implementation can be the difference between failure and success.

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