This year brought along so many wonderful opportunities for website development.

VOC_10 Voice of the Cape FM Website Revamp by Endor Media!

Endor Media was invited to produce the brand new website for the Voice of The Cape FM Radio Station (

The aim of the website was to highlight the core facets of the Voice of the Cape FM, and as a result the team at Endor Media decided to incorporate a live programming schedule as well as a live streaming player.

Being a radio station, having a news component is an absolutely essential feature and this was incorporated via the news blog that is featured on the home page. The news caters to the interests and cocerns of the listeners. Also incorporated is local weather and social media integration.

The radio station, largely catering to the listening needs of the local Cape Town Muslim community, required the inclusion of automated prayer times widgets and various other Islamic resources such as recommended podcasts, opinion pieces written by local Muslim personalities, self-hosted and affiliated events and markets, janaaza announcements and much more.

Visit the website:

About the Voice of the Cape FM Radio Station

According to the broadcasting authority, VOC is an interest-defined community broadcaster licensed to serve the cultural interest of the Muslim community. The station’s mandate is to inform and educate the community about Islam, with an inherent focus on religious teachings. Another focus of VOC’s programming is to report matters of cultural, political, social and economic significance.

The idea of a Muslim radio station was born in the early 1990′s by such people as Imam Noor Davids and Imam Gasan Solomon (then Secretary General of the Muslim Judicial Council), for the purpose of community advancement. This brought on board media, technical and academic experts like Anwah Ismail, Moegsien Khan and the late Dr Achmat Davids.

VOC became the first Muslim radio station in South Africa when a special events license was granted to the station in Ramadan/January 1995. Subsequent temporary broadcast licenses were granted, permitting the station to broadcast for 24 hours, sharing the frequency with another Muslim radio station.

In June 2002, the station was awarded a four-year license on the same basis, one which has been successfully renewed in 2006.

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Listen Live to The Voice of the Cape FM Radio Station Voice of the Cape FM Website Revamp by Endor Media!

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