Communication coaching is a website developed for founder Hani du Toit.

Communication Coaching Communication Coaching Needed an Online Space, and We held the Answer.

The website was developed with the sole aim of providing information regarding the courses, workshops and services run by the team at Communication coaching.

In terms of functionality, we developed the website around a strong online course-based framework that leaves openings for further technical development in this department.

A minimalist yet contemporary design was chosen for the visual execution of the website. Keeping in line with the existing company branding, a clean and fresh green and white palette was chosen.

The design elements are blocky and modern. This blocky approach was chosen to capture the boldness and assurity of the knowledge that is imparted by the Communication Coaching team during their courses.

We wish the team all the best and are very pleased with the outcome of the website.

Interested in having a look around the website?

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