Backyard-Branding-lg The positive shift in branding

Branding has been undergoing a shift over the past few years, and is starting to move towards a more personal, connective state. A brand represents everything about a business: what it is, what it produces, what values it stands for and what people it employs.

Brands are becoming more human as time progresses. So many of us ask the question, what will happen to branding this year? How will branding change to reflect the business and the customer?

Below are just some branding trends for this year. Do you agree with them or does your opinion differ?

A shift from brand to brand experience

The way a brand represents itself and interacts with consumers is going to become more important than it ever was in this year. Branding will no longer focus on simply projecting a particular image or lifestyle as it start to actively promote a positive experiential interaction with customers. All brands want to create an ongoing relationship with their customers, and this will allow them to meet the customers needs.

Making it more personal

Branding means different things to different people but with social media platforms ,brands realised that they have to create a personal version of themselves for each consumer especially if they want to compete against other brands.


Branding is now starting to become more personal as mentioned above. Brands have traditionally been a façade that has represented a set of values, but consumers are increasingly turned off by the idea of a faceless company that doesn’t have any humanity about it.

Sourcing internally

There has long been a tendency to bring in professional help when it comes to branding. There are some pros who try to get under the skin of certain business to tease out the values that need to be represented by the brand but many of the businesses tend to make this a more self initiated process.

Branding messages and intelligence is likely to come from inside a company rather than outside, which ties in with all the other trends that are predicted for 2016. As time progresses, so does the trends of brands. Compare any brand of a company from 10 or 15 years ago to the latest brand, see the difference? That is branding progress.

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