Sudanese protest leaders have called for a mass rally amid mounting tensions over the composition of a joint civilian-military council to run the country following the removal of Sudan‘s longtime ruler, Omar al-Bashir.

In a statement on Tuesday, the political parties and movements behind the months-long anti-government protests urged supporters to gather for a “million-strong march” on May 2 to keep up the pressure for civilian rule.

The appeal came hours after Sudan’s military rulers warned against “chaos” and called on protesters to clear roads and railways, saying seven provinces were running low on essential supplies.

Mohamed Naji al-Assam, spokesman for the Sudanese Professionals Association (SPA), the main protest group, said the ruling military council was “not serious” about transferring power to civilians.

“With the passing of time the powers of the military council are expanded and this is a very big danger for the Sudanese revolution,” he said.

Protesters want the council, which took power after toppling al-Bashir on April 11, to cede power to a 15-member body made up of eight civilian representatives and seven military figures.

But the council has rejected that, and instead proposed a 10-member council comprised of seven military representatives and three civilians.

General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, the deputy head of the military council, told reporters earlier on Tuesday that the council wanted to continue negotiations with the protest organisers.

“We are ready to negotiate but no chaos after today,” said Dagalo, who is also known as Hemeti.

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