MJCHT New Website Launch!

The Muslim Judicial Council Halaal Trust (MJCHT) Launches New Website Designed by Endor Media & Events. Website provides an overview of the MJCHT, living a halal lifestyle, a brand new online application system for halaal certification as well as an interactive community discussion forum. The Muslim Judicial Council Halaal Trust (MJCHT) has recently launched their … Continue reading “MJCHT New Website Launch!”

What is SEO?

Google is the most popular website in the world. If Google can not find you, no-one can. We can help develop a solid SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) plan for your business. Search Engine Optimisation. It allows search algorithms (mainly by Google) to find and index your website. It is indexed by relativity of content in … Continue reading “What is SEO?”

By Afsana Khan on 24th July 2013 • SEO, Tips

A website that inspires young entrepreneurs

A website that inspires young entrepreneurs. This was our brief for the brand new Young Entrepreneurs Program (YEP)’s website. Something young, fresh and content-driven. We re-engineered the YEP logo and created a starker colour palette for the brand. Social media also played a role in the design. In the footer, we embedded a Facebook widget … Continue reading “A website that inspires young entrepreneurs”

Check out our new training space: socialmediaworkshops.co.za

In order to help you get a better a feel for our social media workshops, we have launched it’s own home… www.socialmediaworkshops.co.za Here you will find up-to-date information on our exciting range of  popular workshops: Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Facebook Safety and Security Social Media for Mommies Remember to pop over and make a booking for one of our upcoming … Continue reading “Check out our new training space: socialmediaworkshops.co.za”

Social Media Workshops for Small Business

At last the time has come to discover how to use Social Media Marketing to attract and engage quality customers and grow your business effortlessly. There is no better place to build relationships with your potential customers and getting them to know, like and trust you than on the internet using Social Media. It gives … Continue reading “Social Media Workshops for Small Business”

Expand your Business on Facebook and Twitter

You often heard that Facebook and Twitter is necessary for you to expand your business, but did anyone tell you why? Here are few reasons: Save money on unnecessary print advertising (outbound marketing, which is not as effective as it use to be). Your customers are utilising social media like Facebook and Twitter. One out … Continue reading “Expand your Business on Facebook and Twitter”

Expo Workshops for Small Business Owners

EXPO WORKSHOPS FOR SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS Endor Media is proud to be exhibiting at The Entrepreneur Expo 2012. We will be also running a social media workshop within the week leading up to the expo. All workshops are designed to help your business grow. Organised by The Admin House. Below is a list of the 10 Small … Continue reading “Expo Workshops for Small Business Owners”

Quick ref to Facebook image dimensions

Here is a quick reference to dimensions required to make the best of your Facebook Page real estate. Cover photo: 851 X 315 px Profile picture: 180 X 180 px App image: 111 X 74 px Images (single panel): 404 X 404px Highlighted images (across two panels): 843 X 404 px

Spring Social Media Workshops

  This Spring (and I use that noun loosely in Cape Town) we were approached by several organizations to help their members with social media. Congrats to Macrat Publishing for improving their newly acquired Facebook page. Imogen Browne had this to say, “Great workshop, Afsana. A little mind-boggling to begin with but then I really … Continue reading “Spring Social Media Workshops”

What the Facebook?

Facebook is a popular online social networking platform. Social networking or web 2.0 means that content can be determined by the user. Why do we need this? Well, simply put – users like power. But what is social media really about and what is its importance and purpose in the real world. Facebook launched in … Continue reading “What the Facebook?”

Speaking @ Yamme Women’s Breakfast – 2 June 2012

Hi there. Join me at the Yamme Women’s Empowerment Network on the 2nd of June, where I will be chatting about my Young Entrepreneur Programe SA experience. — with Afsana Khanand Maloti Mothobi. Click on the poster for the Facebook event or here.

By Afsana Khan on 22nd May 2012 • Speaking

Hire me to speak about Social Media Marketing at your next business network

Afsana Khan – Endor Media & Events (Founder/Brand Therapist)   Afsana holds a B.A in Film and Media Production from UCT. She has been working for a number of years in advertising, adopting various skills in web and graphic design, online marketing, artist and event management. She currently heads Endor Media & Events as well as … Continue reading “Hire me to speak about Social Media Marketing at your next business network”

The research and development part of a business plan

Crunch time We almost at the stage where we need to present our business plans, but I somehow found myself lagging behind with regards to the actual business plan writing. However time was not wasted, for the last few weeks, I have been working on the concept development which is the most important. I was … Continue reading “The research and development part of a business plan”

The Business Planning and Benefit Evening

The business planning for Endor IT learning Centre is well in its way. John and I have been working productively in fleshing out unanswered questions, or rather just asking questions on points made on assumptions. We worked on the telecommunications and sourced companies to possible partner up with in SA. In the last few days, … Continue reading “The Business Planning and Benefit Evening”