10 Web Design Trends for 2014

It’s always important to design according to what’s current. Whether you’re designing a brand new site or updating your old one, keeping up with design trends is a must. We’ve read up on David King’s design trends for 2014. Here they are: Design for a range of different screen sizes Designing for mobile phones these days … Continue reading “10 Web Design Trends for 2014”

Google Search Advert Touches Emotions

Google India’s attempt to show the power of its search functionality has touched emotions among YouTube viewers all over the world. The advertisement narrates the story of two old friends separated in 1947 and their coming together after many years, in appreciation for the powerful search and social connect resources that Google provides. It’s sheer brilliance. … Continue reading “Google Search Advert Touches Emotions”

YEP Website Redesign

We took on the task to redesign the YEP (Young Entrepreneur’s Programme) website. The new design is clean, fresh and hip. It also allows for a lot more content to be generated in a very effective way. New Design: We added an awesome “member access” feature which makes certain pages accessible only to logged-in members. … Continue reading “YEP Website Redesign”