Why Facebook is so important

Everyone likes Pie Social Media has been attracting tremendous attention globally and its feats are remarkable. It has connected millions, captured audiences of the high statured business people and tech savvy teenagers and some believe has it has sparked revolutions and overthrown regimes. If Facebook were a pie, you would be missing out if you … Continue reading “Why Facebook is so important”

Toastmasters International

Building skills for leaders Communication and leadership skills are pertinent for anybody aiming to become a success and further their careers. At social gatherings a flare in holding interesting conversation will stand you in good stead. In a world where everyone stands on tip-toes to be a head above the rest, good communication and leadership … Continue reading “Toastmasters International”

The importance of Google page rankings

Google is the dominant search engine on the web today. ‘Nuff said. Why? People opt for Google, because they are confident that the results they find will be from the best sites online. How can they be so sure? How did Google build this fortress of trust that lead to 3 million searches per day … Continue reading “The importance of Google page rankings”

How social networks can get you hired!

Many have referred mockingly to social networking as social “notworking” but there are great employment benefits to be gained from looking online. Firstly the word networking explains it all – you can connect with likeminded people from all over the world and forge relationships that may advance your career once they are realised offline. There … Continue reading “How social networks can get you hired!”

How Calls-To-Action can help your business site

By creating effective call-to-action in your internet marketing you can drive your business to get every potential client clicking on your page! Telling people what to do seems easy enough. If someone is sick tell them “Go to Doctor Swindon”! If someone’s hungry you tell them “Go eat a burger!” This becomes a lot more … Continue reading “How Calls-To-Action can help your business site”

The Godfather Four – “I’m gonna make him a website, he won’t refuse,”

“This official shop of God Father Four offers the greatest GodFather gifts in the world!” [24/02/2015] UPDATE: The store is now trading as Godfather Baptism Gifts (https://godfatherbaptismgifts.com/). The Godfather Four is a parody of the Godfather which shows a series of videos from John Mascaraish aka The New York Don. He addresses important topics such … Continue reading “The Godfather Four – “I’m gonna make him a website, he won’t refuse,””

Be global with mobile

Better Keep Up! Technology is advancing rapidly and businesses should ensure that they keep up. The internet has opened a huge resource for connecting directly with customers and selling them goods within their own homes.  It is becoming increasingly essential for businesses to have an online presence as statistics show that a 1/3 of the … Continue reading “Be global with mobile”