MJCHT New Website Launch!

The Muslim Judicial Council Halaal Trust (MJCHT) Launches New Website Designed by Endor Media & Events. Website provides an overview of the MJCHT, living a halal lifestyle, a brand new online application system for halaal certification as well as an interactive community discussion forum. The Muslim Judicial Council Halaal Trust (MJCHT) has recently launched their … Continue reading “MJCHT New Website Launch!”

Exciting New Language Teaching Centre (LTC) Website Launch!

The Language Teaching Centre (LTC) based in Cape Town contracted Endor Media & Events to craft their new website. The course-based website includes a dynamic course that contains all course information and is fully searchable. Additionally internship/ volunteer opportunities available through the company are listed in other sections of the website. The website stays true … Continue reading “Exciting New Language Teaching Centre (LTC) Website Launch!”

Voice of the Cape FM Website Revamp by Endor Media!

This year brought along so many wonderful opportunities for website development. Endor Media was invited to produce the brand new website for the Voice of The Cape FM Radio Station (https://www.vocfm.co.za/). The aim of the website was to highlight the core facets of the Voice of the Cape FM, and as a result the team … Continue reading “Voice of the Cape FM Website Revamp by Endor Media!”

5 keys features of an effective logo

Your companies logo is a vital element within your marketing inventory. Having a well thought out logo can deferentiate you from your competitors and subsequently provide you with more business.  So what makes a logo effective? 1. Simplicity Your logo should be simple. A logo that is simple is easier to understand and remember. Having a … Continue reading “5 keys features of an effective logo”

10 Web Design Trends for 2014

It’s always important to design according to what’s current. Whether you’re designing a brand new site or updating your old one, keeping up with design trends is a must. We’ve read up on David King’s design trends for 2014. Here they are: Design for a range of different screen sizes Designing for mobile phones these days … Continue reading “10 Web Design Trends for 2014”

YEP Website Redesign

We took on the task to redesign the YEP (Young Entrepreneur’s Programme) website. The new design is clean, fresh and hip. It also allows for a lot more content to be generated in a very effective way. New Design: We added an awesome “member access” feature which makes certain pages accessible only to logged-in members. … Continue reading “YEP Website Redesign”

A website that inspires young entrepreneurs

A website that inspires young entrepreneurs. This was our brief for the brand new Young Entrepreneurs Program (YEP)’s website. Something young, fresh and content-driven. We re-engineered the YEP logo and created a starker colour palette for the brand. Social media also played a role in the design. In the footer, we embedded a Facebook widget … Continue reading “A website that inspires young entrepreneurs”

Quick ref to Facebook image dimensions

Here is a quick reference to dimensions required to make the best of your Facebook Page real estate. Cover photo: 851 X 315 px Profile picture: 180 X 180 px App image: 111 X 74 px Images (single panel): 404 X 404px Highlighted images (across two panels): 843 X 404 px