Exciting New Language Teaching Centre (LTC) Website Launch!

The Language Teaching Centre (LTC) based in Cape Town contracted Endor Media & Events to craft their new website. The course-based website includes a dynamic course that contains all course information and is fully searchable. Additionally internship/ volunteer opportunities available through the company are listed in other sections of the website. The website stays true … Continue reading “Exciting New Language Teaching Centre (LTC) Website Launch!”

Voice of the Cape FM Website Revamp by Endor Media!

This year brought along so many wonderful opportunities for website development. Endor Media was invited to produce the brand new website for the Voice of The Cape FM Radio Station (https://www.vocfm.co.za/). The aim of the website was to highlight the core facets of the Voice of the Cape FM, and as a result the team … Continue reading “Voice of the Cape FM Website Revamp by Endor Media!”

Check out our new training space: socialmediaworkshops.co.za

In order to help you get a better a feel for our social media workshops, we have launched it’s own home… www.socialmediaworkshops.co.za Here you will find up-to-date information on our exciting range of  popular workshops: Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Facebook Safety and Security Social Media for Mommies Remember to pop over and make a booking for one of our upcoming … Continue reading “Check out our new training space: socialmediaworkshops.co.za”

Social Media Workshops for Small Business

At last the time has come to discover how to use Social Media Marketing to attract and engage quality customers and grow your business effortlessly. There is no better place to build relationships with your potential customers and getting them to know, like and trust you than on the internet using Social Media. It gives … Continue reading “Social Media Workshops for Small Business”

Expand your Business on Facebook and Twitter

You often heard that Facebook and Twitter is necessary for you to expand your business, but did anyone tell you why? Here are few reasons: Save money on unnecessary print advertising (outbound marketing, which is not as effective as it use to be). Your customers are utilising social media like Facebook and Twitter. One out … Continue reading “Expand your Business on Facebook and Twitter”

Toastmasters International

Building skills for leaders Communication and leadership skills are pertinent for anybody aiming to become a success and further their careers. At social gatherings a flare in holding interesting conversation will stand you in good stead. In a world where everyone stands on tip-toes to be a head above the rest, good communication and leadership … Continue reading “Toastmasters International”

Hire me to speak about Social Media Marketing at your next business network

Afsana Khan – Endor Media & Events (Founder/Brand Therapist)   Afsana holds a B.A in Film and Media Production from UCT. She has been working for a number of years in advertising, adopting various skills in web and graphic design, online marketing, artist and event management. She currently heads Endor Media & Events as well as … Continue reading “Hire me to speak about Social Media Marketing at your next business network”

The Business Planning and Benefit Evening

The business planning for Endor IT learning Centre is well in its way. John and I have been working productively in fleshing out unanswered questions, or rather just asking questions on points made on assumptions. We worked on the telecommunications and sourced companies to possible partner up with in SA. In the last few days, … Continue reading “The Business Planning and Benefit Evening”

The Young Entrepreneurship Programme

Hello friends, fans and valued-clients I am currently somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean, en route to San Fransisco Reno, Nevada from our first stop, Frankfurt. I have been selected as part of the Young Entrepreneurship Programme. The purpose of this trip to Sierra Nevada College is to better our current business model through seminar’s, a … Continue reading “The Young Entrepreneurship Programme”

Why should you consider the brand of your business?

To create a brand is to create an identity. A business identity, like your own personal identity conveys a sense of who you are, what your values are and which groups of people you aim to attract. The more defined your identity, the stronger your brand will be and the more you get what you … Continue reading “Why should you consider the brand of your business?”


A big thank you to all those who have attended the Social Media Workshops over the past 4 weeks. Please remember to send me your Facebook/Linkedin/Twitter/MailChimp details, so that we can increase fan base. Another thank you to Sabreena of Depasco’s for hosting us and providing the coffee. We will be running group workshops in the … Continue reading “A big THANK YOU!”

Why your business should Socialize?

Social Media is an essential form of communication ideal for any business. Here is a quick overlook why your business should Socialize: Gets you higher in Google rankings. (Google looks for fresh content on your website to boost rankings.) Communicate directly to the public (potential or existing clients) Creates brand awareness and support Creates credibility … Continue reading “Why your business should Socialize?”

Online Marketing Workshops

Digital/Online marketing is the way of the future. And can certainly help you in the tough tourism industry as the majority of your potential guests are looking online for the best accommodation and tours. Marketing in 2011 has changed drastically since the dawn of the digital age. Thanks to innovative platforms such as Twitter, Facebook … Continue reading “Online Marketing Workshops”