Audience profiling is essential to help you connect and influence potential customers in traditional and digital marketing spaces.

A clear understanding of your audience’s behaviours, expectations, and mental models is a powerful tool in the world of marketing.

How well do you know your audience?

Our approach

We develop in-depth psychological profiling using qualitative social data provided by international and local research centres. The social data is further analysed with your company’s social media analytics, social listening, and audience segmentations to find common behaviour trends.

Audience behaviours

We will then move away from the numbers and focus on the human side of marketing. Here, we apply System Thinking models to understand what leverage points determine audience behaviours.

Based on our findings, we can advertise what content your potential customer will likely engage with.

Practical report

The report is designed to guide your marketing strategy with qualitative and quantitative confidence.

Let us help you with your company’s audience profiling

Our methodology to help you

Discover useful leverage points that may influence their purchasing decision.

Analyse which social media channel is used by your target audience/s.

Synthesis understanding of what would achieve trusted content and brand.

Follow-up workshop

A workshop can be booked to develop creative approaches to content that align with the report findings with your communication and the marketing team can be booked with our expert consultants.