Social media marketing no doubt exposes your company to risks. Storms can arise quickly and put your business in disrepute with the masses. We have seen businesses close down because due to uncontrollable storms that they were not ready for.

We are here to help prepare for those moments. Our risk management offering is designed to deal with risk in the social media arena.

Is your company ready to deal with any risk?

Our methodology to discover social media risks

Our methodology uses the Bishop & Hines’ Future Planning Framework or Inayatullah’s Causal Layered Analysis to map out potential risks. We will then synthesize it with relevant models and tools such as scenario planning.

Scenario planning will help us discuss a variety of potential risks, how they may occur and transform with social influence. This will help you adequately prepare for the risk or even mitigate it.

Communication plan

Our expert consultants will help develop a communication plan for you when dealing with social media feedback. We can help develop future policies, and guidelines for internal and external usage.

Let us help you prepare for the future of your company’s reputation

Key outcomes for your company

  • Develop a strategy for risk management
  • Identify social media risks
  • Understand audience blind spots
  • Develop a communication strategy for social interaction
  • Learn how to shut down a problem in its infancy
  • Managing an active social media crisis

Why hire us to help you with risk management

  • Corporate experience
  • Qualified Futures strategist
  • Culturally empathetic
  • Diverse team
  • Applied psychology and philosophy enthusiasts