Why it’s Time to Change the Language of Supporting Small Businesses

Small businesses play a critical role in our economy, creating jobs, supporting local communities, and driving innovation. They are the lifeblood of our neighborhoods, and they deserve our support and recognition. But the language we use to describe our support for these businesses can have a significant impact on their success. That’s why it’s time to stop saying “support small business” and start saying “buy local.”
The phrase “support small business” has become a cliché, and it doesn’t accurately reflect the real action we can take to help these businesses thrive. When we say we “support” small businesses, we often mean that we appreciate what they do and that we hope they succeed. But this sentiment alone doesn’t actually help the businesses, and it can actually be harmful.

Supporting small businesses isn’t just about feeling good or wishing them well. It’s about taking action and making a tangible impact on their bottom line. When we say “buy local,” we are encouraging consumers to take that action. By choosing to buy from a small business instead of a big box store or an online retailer, we are directly supporting their success.

Another reason to change the language from “support” to “buy local” is that it more accurately reflects the value of these businesses. Small businesses are more than just cute and quirky places to shop. They offer unique products, personal customer service, and a connection to our community. By choosing to buy local, we are not just supporting small businesses, we are choosing a better shopping experience, a stronger community, and a healthier economy.
In conclusion, while the sentiment behind “supporting small business” is well-intentioned, it’s time to change the language to “buy local.” By using this language, we can encourage consumers to take action and make a tangible impact on the success of these businesses. So, let’s start spreading the word, and let’s start buying local. Our communities will be stronger, and our economy will be healthier, because of it.

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