Website planning consultation package

Setting up a website can be a daunting task. Selling your business through words, sourcing pictures, products, pricing, etc, and collating the information into a coherent flow for customers to understand can seem endless if no one is holding your hand.  

We have developed these consulting sessions to  make the process of setting up your website easy, quick and most of allenjoyable. Each session is one hour in duration. 


  • 4 Weekly sessions
  • 1-hour consultations 
  • via Zoom 
  • Tutorial sessions may be recorded 

Brand identity can be considered the groundwork for developing customer loyalty, customer retention and a competitive advantage. Think of your brand identity as how your audience perceives you – it is the face of your business.  

This is where we put the content of your website together based on agreed upon website pages, products/services and about you/business. You will still be writing the content; however, we will do a basic copy edit on the final copy (before uploading to the website). This copy edit will check for grammatical and spelling issues.  

Research has shown that adding good quality photos improves both your users experience and your google ranking by decreasing bounce rate (the duration people spend on your website). This session we will assist you with getting the right angle, colours palette and style for your photos.  

This is the culmination of your work. Based on all the information above, we now share some website inspirations, draw up your website’s layout and do a rough mock-up of your website.