Training to help you get the best out of your website

Understand your best delivery options for your website

You put a lot of effort to ensure your customers have a great experience whilst using your online store. You make sure you have excellent images, good descriptions, an easy checkout and then comes the shipping choices and you get overwhelmed.

Many people forget to map out their shipping strategy and end up spending too much money or resources sending off their products. In this talk, we help you understand which shipping methods works best for you and your customers and if they integrate effectively in your online store.

The benefits of this talk for you

  • What to consider when implementing your delivery options
  • What each delivery company can offer you

Understand your best payment gateways for your website

Your online store needs payment gateways that will best suit your needs. But at the same time, the features of the payment gateway are just as important for your store’s success.

A positive customer journey will ensure that you have return customers and improved brand loyalty.

The benefits of this consult for your business:

  • What each payment gateway can offer your business
  • Pros and cons of each payment gateway
  • What to consider when implementing your payment options on your website

How to market your website

You have one of the best online shops with a user-friendly portal for your customers, but what do you do now? How will potential customers find your website? How can you make more sales and increase your customer base?

Let us discuss how, so that you can grow your business effectively.

Your key outcomes:

  • Confidence to do some changes to your website that will gain you more traffic
  • Knowing how to optimize your website for your customer
  • How to keep updated for future changes/technological advancement

The ultimate guide to setting up an online store

Online shopping is booming now and if you’re curious and confused about the world of the digital retail space, then this talk is perfect for you. This talk will assist you with understanding the content needed to design an online shop.

The benefits of completing this course for your business:

  • The ability to plan your own website
  • What to consider when planning
  • Pitfalls to look out for when planning a website
  • Options available to integrate your social media on your website