Social Media Corporate Copy Brainwashing

Ever been completely stuck with writing social media or digital media copy for a corporate brand.

Yeah, we know.

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is – “but how do I make my social media posts fun to read when my company is a corporation”.

When people join corporate companies, for some reason it’s like they become brainwashed and forget the basics of written communication.

Brands that are in corporate do not have to remain corporate in all spaces. We’ll say it again, BRANDS THAT ARE IN CORPORATE DO NOT HAVE TO REMAIN CORPORATE IN ALL SPACES.

Social Media is a social space.

The only 2 things any good writer ever needs to know is, “who am I writing for” and “where am I writing for”.

Communication about company financials to stakeholders should certainly be formal, but if you’re going to be roaming the Instagram streets, visuals and easy-to-read copy is what’s key to success.

Don’t get stuck in corporate talk – loosen up, use emojis, and as the Gen Z-ers would put it; “say less”.

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