Do I want to dramatically grow my business?

Now is time for your business to step into the digital spotlight and get noticed. Grow your business with a smart and effective website that is designed to gain you new customers.

A website is the front door to your company on the digital landscape. We build websites that showcase your business. It is a rich source of information and an easy experience for your existing and potential customers.

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What is Endor By Design’s method behind designing a website?

We focus on simple website design. We design for your users in mind. We adapt psychological, philosophical and sociological principles to give you and your customers an intuitive website experience. We make your content shine by reducing unnecessary clutter.

Endor – Websites for business, online shops and trainers

Why should I refresh my website?

Websites get tired and dusty. Information may be outdated. Your previous website designer may have disappeared with all your login details. From a developer and Google point of view, as technology and coding methodologies progress, so too must your digital marketing tools.

What options do I have if my website needs a refresh but I do not have the time?

We have a dedicated team of Project Manager, Copy Editor and Website Designer who will build all aspects of your new website. We create a clear brief and plan from the start to get the project flowing smoothly. All you need to share with us is your company information and goals. We will take care of the rest.

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How can a website optimise my time?

A good website looks attractive to the viewer. A great website helps you to manage your business with ease. We create flow systems to reduce the stress of administration, as well as to create opportunities from editing your content to gain new customers.

Case Study: Gadija Khan Design, maker of high end women’s fashions, came to us because she wanted to grow her business. Her sales used to come via WhatsApp, which she had to manage during late hours at the end of her working day. With the new website we designed for her, all sales now come through a smart online shop, to save her time and increasing her sales.

Endor – Websites for business, online shops and trainers

Why is my website the most valuable tool in my marketing plan?

Your website should be the mother ship of information that your marketing efforts lead towards. These range from your business card to social media channels. An effective website also ranks high in Google searches by the window shoppers of the Internet.

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How do I connect with millennials or an older community?

We use psychological, philosophical and sociological principles to give you the best communication stream to your desired target audience. Whether millennial or ‘silver surfer’, we understand that all generations want one thing: ease of use.

Can my website be used on mobile devices?

All our websites are responsive. This means they can be comfortably viewed on any device: mobile, tablet or desktop.

Endor – Websites for business, online shops and trainers

Can my social media feeds be on my website?

We love integrating marketing efforts. Your social media links and feeds can be displayed on your website.

Endor – Websites for business, online shops and trainers

Burning questions

Why does Endor By Design use WordPress?

WordPress is a progressive software tool that consistently is updated to the latest website standards. It is easy to use for developer, client and customer.

How will Google list my website?

We use up-to-date website technology to make sure your website is Google-friendly and to list your site as high as possible in Google searches.

Will my website be secure?

Our behind-the-scenes focus is on website security. We install firewalls and malware protection to minimize the risk of website hacking. Our service includes regular backup of all your website files.

How is quality guaranteed?

Our Quality Control Manager will ensure that there are no technical or grammatical errors before your website goes live.

How do I register my website address and hosting?

Our good friends, Castle Rock, will provide you with secure website address registration and hosting. They are based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Endor – Websites for business, online shops and trainers

eCommerce websites

I need an online shop, can you do this?

We build intuitive online shopping experiences for your customers. Our system is easy for you to manage. It allows you to add new items, control your stock, and select delivery options. We will help you to put your content together for your online shop. Our focus is to gain you sales through smart and intuitive layouts.

Do I need setup my own payment accounts for my online shop?

You are welcome to set up your own payment gateways (Payfast, Snapscan, iPay or PayPal) or we can assist you without extra charge.

Endor – Websites for business, online shops and trainers

How can I make money from my own online training courses?

Training in real-life is rewarding but is often time-draining. We can build intuitive online learning experiences for your clients or customers. Our system is easy for you to manage, to add courses, lessons and quizzes. Increase your profit by appealing to a global audience.

 Yes! I want to sell my products online.

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Launching a website

I have a big launch coming up. Will my website be ready in time?

We love deadlines. We work on strict timelines to ensure your website is live before any important date.

What do I need do when my website is close to launch?

Hype. We need to create hype with your existing customer fan base. Social media and email campaigns are a good start. We can also offer PR assistance to feature your website launch on radio or in print and online publications.

Endor – Websites for business, online shops and trainers

Will I receive support after the website goes live?

Absolutely. We offer monthly membership contracts to give you the peace of mind of dedicated support.

Can I edit my website after it goes live?

We will send you an easy to follow video tutorial and login details on how to edit your website.

I need a new website and want to find out more.

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