You have one of the best online shops with a user-friendly portal for your customers, but what do you do now? How will potential customers find your website? How can you make more sales and increase your customer base?

Tell people

this probably sounds like a given, yet it’s the one tactic that businesses tend to forget. If you aren’t communicating regularly through traditional communication channels that you have an online shop, people won’t know about it.

Social Media

Be sure to regularly post on social media about your online shop. Engage with your audience on social media platforms and use any opportunity you can to throw in your online shop link.


Offer exclusive “Online Only” deals that would encourage your existing customers to rather make use of your online shop.

Website layout

be sure to keep your online shop categorized and easy to navigate.

Make checkout easy

Having a few different payment options and a seamless checkout will really help you get more completed sales.

Product Shots

Good quality images on your online shop will help your business come across as more credible and will certainly have an impact on people’s willingness to make a purchase with you.

Product descriptions

When people land on your website they might not know that the products you have will solve a problem they have, so make sure you add as much information as you possibly can to your product descriptions.


Don’t give up just because you didn’t make that sale the first time. Doing re-targeting is a great way to keep in touch with online users who have shown interest in your products but didn’t complete their checkout.

Let’s grow your business effectively with our workshop all about how to get more sales via your online shop: https://endor.co.za/useful-tools/webtraining/

Key outcomes for this workshop:

  • Confidence to do some changes to your website that will gain you more traffic
  • Knowing how to optimize your website for your customer
  • How to keep updated for future changes/technological advancement


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