In many businesses the social media management tends to be just a task on someone’s list of responsibilities. More often than not, that person knows little to nothing about marketing, but they’re young and understand social media right? So, that should be good enough. NO!

A social media manager is not only responsible for creating and monitoring your social media content. Social media managers are experts at understanding your brand and aligning their marketing efforts with your larger business plan.

So that begs the question, do you need a dedicated social media manager in your business? The answer is definitely, “YES”.

Here are 2 reasons why:


time is money and being on social media is supposed to help your business grow. If you’re not dedicating the right amount of time to strategically manage it, you’re losing out on money and actually just wasting time. In order to do social media properly though, you need to put in strategic thinking, lots of research and of course time to curate content that is going to drive results. Not to mention the time it takes to engage with social media fans


Being on social media is not just about slapping a few pictures and adverts onto a Facebook page. Having a dedicated social media manager will ensure that you use the social media platforms you have strategically and in a way that drives results. You want your social media to work for you, and getting someone on board who is dedicated and knowledgeable in the field will really help add to reaching your overall business and marketing goals.

Join our latest talk on “how to hire a social media manager/agency for your business” to learn some steps in the vetting process required for a competent and engaging social media manager.

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