Top 3 Website Design Trends

Website design is a vital aspect of any online business that wants to use their website to engage with their users and make sales.

With the help of a digital marketer, who can research your target market, you can get the perfect website design that aligns with your values and reach out to your ideal customers.

There are so many design trends to consider, from typography, colours, scrolling, storytelling and imagery.   And while every business is unique as well as their target market there are a few foundational design trends which we are focusing on in this post.

Surveys have shown that website design is one of the first things that impact a customer’s opinion on a business, so let’s dive in and see what design trends marketers are using to make a website pop out and help you convert those visits to sales.

Clean, Minimalist Designs

When you click onto a website, you want it to be clear, simple, and easy to use. Too much movement, an array of colours or an overcrowded page can be overwhelming for a visitor and deter away from what you are selling and the message you are trying to put across.
Without trying, an aesthetically pleasing website design invites your users to explore and engage with your content.
Calls to action simply blend in with the design so you aren’t coming across salesy.

Engaging Interactives

Following on from the above, whilst simplicity is important it can also deter your user away from your website if it is not engaging enough. 

Enter – engaging interactives. 

These elements entice your users to click, scroll, read, and really connect with the information you are providing.

A few examples of engaging interactives are moving images, pop-up icons, using the hover effect which transition elements when you move your mouse as well as colour changing elements.

You can add engaging interactives to your website in such simple ways – users are attracted by visual elements and makes visiting your website a whole experience within itself.

Website Speed

Do you remember when we had to dial-up to the internet and wait for our modem to connect? And then we could check our email?

Gone are those days and users now expect websites to load at a superfast speed whether it be on a pc, tablet, or phone.  Studies have shown that if a page takes more than 3 seconds to load, you are likely to lose user interest.

To do this, there are a variety of ways – including compressing videos and images, choosing the right hosting solution for your website as well as caching your web pages.  All of which come standard when we create and design websites for our clients.

While keeping up with website design trends are important, the one thing to remember is to use a website design that aligns with your brand values and the focuses on what your customers need from you. 

At Endor Design, we build up from the foundation you have created, find any missing links, connect the dots, and help you design a digital system that works for your company.

Do you want some training on how to get the best out of your website?  Then this course is for you.

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